The Other Woman

The Other Woman

29 April 2017

I want to say I’m going to survive this week.  We’ll see.  I am swimming under a sea of books that has to be read, more thesis writing and a rough draft of my literature research paper.  Social life?  Yeah, no.

So, let’s be real and get down to business…or discussion, I will say instead.  It’s time to talk about “the other woman” because she exists in some type of an ephemeral fantasy.  She is the face of betrayal.  He is the face of distrust and the ultimate betrayal.

She has many names: mistress, girlfriend, homewrecker, bitch, whore.  She is clever in enticing married men; sometimes away from their wives.  What is their objective?  To be involved without the ring?  To achieve some kind of status?  Honey, let me tell you something-you can have it all!  I know there’s a special place for you, for both of you, and it’s not pretty.

He believes he has money.  He believes he has power.  He believes he has wealth.  He shows this to her.  She sees these illusions and the harpy swoops in for her next victim.  Gold digger! That’s another name we know her by.  When the money runs out, she’s gone. She’s done this all before.  She knows exactly what she’s doing.  She has no respect for herself.  She has no respect for others.

She creates a story about being stalked by someone in the same room.  He wants to rescue and protect her-playing the part of the hero.  She now has him in her clutches. She showers him with attention.  He has “new” eyes and it’s not for his wife, because there is a woman who will dote on his every whim, every waking, and sleeping, hour.  She fills a need in his heart he wasn’t aware was missing.  She steals him, making him spends thousands of dollars on her; money he should be spending on his wife; money he doesn’t really have.  It’s the thrill of the pursuit-for both parties.

There’s two sides to every story, but only one side in this matter.  In this instance, it’s the narrator (that’s me) telling you what I want you to know, what I want you to read, and what I want you to see.  It’s the unreliable narrator.  In this case, all signs point to the truth, and it’s extremely hard to take in; it’s more of a shock than anything else.  The succubus and the adulterer create their own little world together.  The duration is undetermined, but the signs are all there.  She knew he was married.  He probably began his lies as he spent hours speaking to her, meeting her for coffee, and going out drinking.  He does not take responsibility, nor does he want to take the blame or the fall.  He creates lies about having problems in their marriage.  Or he finds other tall tales to tell about his wife, who left him for grad school, or couldn’t spend her entire working day talking to him on the phone while he was in another country.  Lies, lies, lies.  The lies have compounded and is now what I refer to as a shit pile of lies.

What does she tell her friends and family?  Is she honest?  Are they hiding their relationship?  She gives him a challenge on Valentine’s Day.  What could it be?  To leave his wife as fast as possible?  He’s hiding the relationship.  Well, he’s trying to.  It’s hard to hide as an adulterer when you take your wedding band off as fast as you can; create vacation calendars together; plan out the two weeks (or more) spent together every month well into the future, spend hours and hours, nearly all day, chatting, texting and messaging with the harlot, and God knows what else.  The other woman really doesn’t pay attention to what she’s doing.  Has she met the wraths of other wives?  If she’s not careful, she’s going to end up with what she hoped she wanted, but doesn’t turn out to be what she truly desired.  The fantasy ends and she runs as fast as she can, leaving him as fast as he left his wife.  The pair are fools.

It’s a major assignment week!  This is when we learn more about Nick than we ever wanted to learn.  We learn about his desires.  His needs. We discover his true colors in his personality and the tension builds into the following chapter when Natalie finds out the truth.  Why is Nick cheating on Natalie?  I am baffled to know why the bastard lets the tramp control the marriage, and perhaps have some type of backstage pass in the dissolution of a marriage.  When there’s a big age difference, there can’t be much in common, and what is the hussy going to do with a 70 year old man when she’s nearing her 50’s?  He’ll be bald and have even more performance issues, and most likely with a never-ending supply of Viagra.  Nick fits into this mold, although he’s younger and doesn’t let the doxy control too much; he still likes to maintain control.

There has to be some type of spite involved, a certain time of thinking where men and women become so detached from their significant others that they simply don’t care what they do to hurt the other party.  The man is a coward; he ran away from his own issues that he didn’t want to face, or let the one solid rock in his life help him with his issues, keeping him grounded. That rock felt the effects of the weather, slowly eroded, and easily moves in the wind now.  Nick is a coward.  Natalie is blindsided and the scars will run deep, even in a coma.  The remaining pages of my novel will be supercharged with emotions, and the reader will begin to understand the roller coaster ride.  Natalie will be able to make something with her lemons in the next 20,000 words.  What happens to Nick and his little whore?  Well, we don’t really know.  The remainder of the story is all about Natalie.



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