16 April 2017

Happy Easter, Everyone!

Today, I struggled to get out of bed, but the world needed to know I refuse to be beaten in a game where someone thinks the rules don’t apply to them.

I am in my Easter Sunday best:  a tank top and shorts, barefoot, sitting on the patio with my Muse and Duke, my Australian cattle shepherd mix rescue mutt.  He’s my “little” rock (I don’t have to bend over to pet him), and the reason I’ve had to change my study habits.  Point blank-we’ve both been abandoned and take it day-by-day.

It’s the perfect morning as I sit here watching butterflies dance around flowers, hear birds chirping, annoying pigeons coo, and dogs in the neighborhood bark.  A hummingbird is slightly wavering above the freshly mowed lawn.  Somewhere, out front on the street, there is a motor running, a truck pulling away from the sidewalk.

I have my “Great Literary Openings” coffee mug (a gift from my sister) full of 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee (yum), half of a Belgian waffle (still not eating much) with fresh strawberries piled on, drizzled with (only the best) NY maple syrup.  Top it off with a mimosa, and I am in the perfect state of mind to continue novel writing.  Duke has had his Easter treat, and I have a Cadbury caramel egg waiting for me after I’ve completed my assignment.

I have been told spring is about renewal.  Something I have forgotten.  In this instance, it’s something I’ve been thinking about for two weeks now.  Time to start fresh.  Begin new traditions as I start a new life.  Everything’s new; not everything is fresh yet, but that will come soon enough.  I have been listening and watching to all that is happening around me.  I have seen some “signs” about my next path, my next journey, but it’s not clear yet.  Aside: I feel like I am in training as a young Jedi.  In a sense, Star Wars can teach us a few lessons.  I only bring this up because The Last Jedi hits theatres December 15, and I have already made a date with myself to be there.

Another sign I received was an early rose from my mother.  It will be seven years this coming Mother’s Day losing her unexpectedly.  In 2006, after a major surgery, she sent me money to buy a rose bush.  It took time to find the perfect one, but every year it produces roses at the right time: first part of May, Memorial Day, my birthday, a few in July, and one in August.  I suspect the August one will no longer appear.  I was looking at the roses, strung around a trellis in front of a bedroom window.  Tucked in between leaves and tea roses beginning to bloom I found the perfect rose greeting me (photo pictured above).  It was nice to have this gift.  Small gifts make days better.  Bigger gifts, like my friends and family, are precious.  These are the moments I cherish.  This is why I get up every morning-because I have more to offer the world and have the largest support system behind me 120%.

Spring is definitely here, and I am looking forward to a season of renewal.  Karen 3.0 is around the corner.  I hope the world is ready for her!


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