5 February 2017


It’s Superbowl day.  I love watching football.  I rearrange my entire fall schedule to watch the New York Giants play.  Normally, I would have a big party complete with too much food and plenty of beer.  This year, not so much.  I can barely generate enough enthusiasm to even care, let alone attempt to get my first milestone projects turned in on time.

When things, life especially, is in flux and has become one ridiculous mess it’s hard to even look at each day in a positive light.  Those mornings are tough when you simply want to turn the alarm off, completely disconnect the battery from your cell phone, draw the curtains closed and crawl into the shadows of the day.

Ten minutes into feeling the comfort of my bed, as my pillows hug my head and the weight of the comforter pushes me into the mattress, I dig deep to pull myself together and begin tackling the day head-on, chin up and remain focused on getting through another day.

Like us, characters in stories can also be vulnerable.  I’m ending week three on a challenging note.  As I continue to find my inner strength, I am discovering my protagonist is doing the same thing.  Writers are always told to write what we know.  I knew in November the path my main character needed to take to get to a good place.  Her struggles won’t be mine in this current state.  Her struggles will be finding ways to simply wake up.  It will be our inner strength that drives us to move beyond vulnerabilities and struggles.

Now to finish the last of my homework due today so that I can watch the Superbowl.  After all, it’s for the love of the game.  Everybody resets after tonight.


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