In the Heart of the Action

In the Heart of the Action

December 31, 2016

Today is the last day of 2016 and I have never been so thrilled to see a year slip behind me as much as this one.  We take the cards life deals us and make the most of it.  I know, it’s a cliché.  Yet, life seems like a cliché sometimes, too.

I never thought I would see the Andes Mountains.  Then again, I never thought I would see so much of the world that I have already and I am very thankful for the opportunities.  Today, I stepped away from civilization to get a little higher up to get a good view from a hot spring where we parked on a tour.  So, I was able to do a little hiking in the Andes, which was simply amazing.

Even with mountains, there is action.  The Andes formed as a result of tectonic plates pushing the Earth’s crust up.  Here the jagged peaks remind me of the Grand Tetons.  If thinking of the narrative elements, a problem exists, although it’s more subtle because it occurs over time.  The action begins to rise and climax with the formation appearing above the surface.

The climax is a critical component because it is something that needs to be dealt with almost immediately.  In respect to the mountains, that’s nature reacting.  In life, the climax is the one single moment that will eventually become a teaching moment in life.

Then there’s the falling action, as things settle down before reaching the denouement.  I think I like that final moment, when something is explained or something is decided.

For 2016, I felt that these narrative elements were helpful in all that I experienced.  A final decision was made, ironically today, but I still have a way to go.  After all, I have a degree to finish and I only have 21 weeks left.

Before I stepped away from Facebook for a bit, I made an announcement to my family and friends that I was going to take 2017 by storm.  Looking at where I’ve been and where I’m headed, I honestly believe 2017 is going to be a good year, even if I’m faced with more narrative elements.  Bring them on!  I can face them.

Happy New Year, everyone!  I’ll be back in January.



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