On the Road to…Vacation?

December 12, 2016

The best part of being a writer is that it’s easy to write anywhere.  Today, it’s Cartegna, Colombia and I think back to times of hardship.  How do people overcome hard times?  Sticking to their guns and just pushing through, is what I think.

That’s the beauty of humanity.  When faced with hard decisions, it’s best to keep a level head and think about what the end result will be.

The same lessons we learn in life can be applied to our writing.  When it’s time to think about dialogue, think about the showing not telling.  How does that certain emotion make you feel?  How can you express a facial expression?

On these final notes, I bring it back to my hashtag I’ve been using #ontheroadtomyMA.

There has been a wave of emotions during this journey and I have to remind myself they need to stay in check so that I can focus on my work and write with clarity.  On the flipside, it is the abundance of emotions that is helping me with the stories and poems I am writing; the clarity in how to show the emotions is working well in descriptive language.  I’m off to go try my “no, gracias” to vendors now while exploring a city and find another story hidden within.


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